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Road kill

We don't feed our dogs (pictured) tinned or dried stuff, but instead buy meat in from the local butcher, and make them some stuff up ourselves.

This morning, I was on the way to the butchers', via dropping Daughter at school, and just up the road we passed what looked like a dead rabbit, lying in the middle of the road, and obviously a result of a collision with a car. I dropped Daughter at school, and instead of heading to the butchers', headed back the way I came with the intention of picking up the road kill rabbit (if it wasn't too pasted to the tarmac) to save a bit of money. Of course, when I got back there, poor dead rabbit turned out to be a poor dead (very young) fox, and so instead of picking it up, I figured I'd come to the great wisdom that is LJ, and ask for your advice.

So, road kill - do you pick it up at all? Would you pick it up to feed dogs with even if you wouldn't use it to feed yourself? If you would, would/do you limit yourself to road kill fluffy bunnies, or is pretty much anything fair game? What wouldn't you pick up, either for yourself, or for dogs, and why not?

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a line of bones, knuckle to knuckle